"As a web development firm, it is exceedingly important that we have a good hosting partner. One that we can reach quickly. One that knows how to troubleshoot a problem. We personally use Web Propulsion and have recommended them to our clients for over nine years."

Mary Fisher
Mary Fisher Design

"Allen Kent, owner of Web Propulsion Internet Services, is always so helpful. He is able to explain even the most complex topics in a way anyone can comprehend. Allen is a great resource for all things regarding web."

Heather Smith
Scott McRae Advertising

"We have been using Allen's services for well over 12 years and have been very pleased. He is knowledgeable and very helpful when it comes to web domain services."

Charlie Funkhouser
Intrepid Capital Management, Inc.

"I've been with Web Propulsion for about 7 years. Allen has always been there whenever I have an issue (which is rare) with my webhosting or email. It's good to have someone who will come by my office and troubleshoot a problem. I rely heavily on my email and website for day to day business. I don't want to cut corners to save a few bucks and risk losing business. I like having the peace of mind working with someone reliable."

Jean Shimp
Shimp Signs

"I run my business online. It is 24/7. We don't have a store-front. We rely on Allen to keep us continually up and running. We have not been dissappointed. I was with a larger company at one time...... with terrible customer service and too much down time. Everything is so much better with Web Propulsion. Allen is there for us when we need him, although everything runs so smooth we haven't really needed him! There was a small issue the other day with email. Allen caught it before we did. He was on it and had it fixed right away. I wasn't worried. I knew I was in good hands. Warning to any online businesses who think they can run smoothly with a "larger" hosting company, think again, they don't know you and they don't care.... Web Propulsion is just the opposite."

Jill Sadowsky
Jill's Consignment

"Web Propulsion Internet Services provides consistent first rate service while handling our commercial website and email accounts. They are always available with rapid response and immediate assistance....although rarely needed. With a highly visible website that is viewed internationally al the time and with our emails very prominent, Web Propulsion has done a great job keeping our website up and running 24/7 while protecting us from SPAM invasions. I highly recommend their services."

Stephen Trendler
Trendler USA

"I only have great things to say about Allen and Web Propulsion Internet Services. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I am looking forward to doing more business with you. Thank you for your help and support."

Soraya Basso
Slab USA

"We tried other web hosting companies in the past. Web Propulsion was the first to take a personal interest in our success online."

Mike Staib
Ergo Chef LLC