Domain Name Registration

What's in a name? Everything! Consult with a Web Propulsion Internet Specialist before you choose. We've successfully secured domain names for our clients for over 15 years. Web Propulsion takes the hassle out of the domain name registration & acquisition process. Your domain name is protected when it's managed by Web Propulsion.

Web Propulsion has partnered with Network Solutions for over 15 years to provide our clients what we believe to be the best Domain Name Registration Services in the industry. Register your domain name with Web Propulsion and rest assured your domain is protected.

Some hosting companies and web development firms still register their client's domain without the client listed as the "Registrant" (owner of the domain). We've seen it happen time and again, and have helped the client negotiate and retrieve ownership of their domain.

At Web Propulsion, all domains are owned by the Client and registered in their name. Check ownership of your domain with a Whois lookup. Make sure you are listed as the "Registrant" in the Registrar's record.

Privacy Registration - Help protect your business from spammers and telemarketers with private domain registration services.

Domain Locking - Secure your domain name from unauthorized transfers with domain locking. Domain locking is free with all domains registered with Web Propulsion.

Managed DNS - Included with all domains registered with Web Propulsion. Managed DNS takes the headache out of managing your DNS entries and provides and extra level of security to your web services.

Tips for choosing a great domain name:

  • Brainstorm Top Keywords - Keywords are those used by potential customers when they search for your product or service in a search engine, and they should be a part of your domain name. For example: if you're a plumber, make sure the domain name you choose contains the word plumbing or plumbers.
  • Only Choose Dot-Com Available Domains - While you certainly can register a domain with the extension .net. .org, .biz, etc., most people who use the web still make the automatic assumption that .com is all that's out there. They will inevitably type .com when browsing for your website. If your competitor has the .com extension and you have the .net extension you may loose potential traffic to your competitor's website. That being said, if both the .com and the .net extensions are available for your domain name, we highly recommend registering both.
  • Make it Easy to Spell - Avoid choosing a domain name containing words that are difficult for your potential clients to spell. Misspelling or mistyping a domain name is like misdialing a phone number, who knows who you'll get on the other line!
  • Make it Easy to Remember - Branding a domain name is extremely important. You want to be the name everyone thinks of for your industry. And an easy to remember domain will gain you that all so important word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Keep It Short - Short domain names are easy to type and easy to remember. They fit btter on business cards and other offline media.
  • Reject Hyphens and Numbers - Hyphens and numbers make it difficult to tell someone your domain name and making it hard to remember or type. In some cases a number is a major factor in branding your business. In this case using the number in your domain is necessary and preferable.

 Choosing the right domain name for your business is an important decision. Let Web Propulsion help you choose. Give us a call today to setup a free consultation (904) 207-1923.